Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adios for now

It is a beautiful day and we hate to leave, but so it goes.

Things for the next group:
AA batteries. The batteries in the heater control are low and we have no spares.
Possibly flour. We did not use any but there isn't a lot.
The vacuum filter is ok. Lou cleaned it. It just needs to be cleaned more often.

As soon as someone can drive in (may not be soon), we need
paper towels
toilet paper
oven cleaner or something to clean the stove top. The usual methods aren't working.
Ghirardelli brownie mix

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Helping Keep the Home Fires Burning

Lou was a busy bee carrying firewood back to the cabin. Note how much snow is still around the shed.

And look below at the front of the pumphouse. Lou wondered if we should check inside it. But as long as we have water, I don't have any plans to dig down through all that snow. It is above the top of the door.

Bear Creek

Lots and lots of water coming over Bear Creek falls.

Work at the Mill Site

The road into the mill has been plowed (and paved) and this building by the old shop looks complete. Altho no one was around, it appears they have been working there. We saw a bed inside this building and a trailer -- but couldn't tell if it has been used or not.

The road was plowed clear to the other building (bunkhouse/shower/whatever) and it is closed in but the walls are just framed inside. So presumably they got it closed for the winter and are now working to get it complete.

Opening Day of Fishing Season

There were fishermen (and one woman) upstream and down. We saw the man farthest downstream catch a fish and put it back. And when we talked with that group a little later, they said they had caught several and released them all.

Another group was camped with a trailer and a popup trailer just across the bridge on the upstream side. It looked pretty cold altho there wasn't much snow right where they were set up.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Still lots of very wet, deep snow

The lump behind Lou is the TOP of the gate.

Check out the pumphouse and its cute little cap.

And here is our cozy, warm cabin sitting in the sun. You can see the remainder of the latest snowfall on the roof.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Very, very wet snow

We went for a hike from the back of the cabin to the old road. The snow is very wet as the sun its keeping the area nice and warm (75 degrees).

Going for our hike, we fell into small caves created by the snow covered fallen trees. Some of us were happier than others:

We dropped the camera inside one of the wholes to take a picture of the little cave and this is what we got:
not much! :) The wholes were pretty deep probably 5 ft. I am sure there are all kinds of critters hibernating down there.

The dogs are having fun exploring all kinds of different places, they sink pretty low into the wet snow so they jump like rabbits. Its cute to see how exhausted they are once we get back to the cabin.

Hiking to the old road is so much easier in the winter because all the weeds are covered with snow and on the way back, we just have to follow our old footsteps.

Sourdough part two: success!!

Sourdough start saved for next time successfully! We have separated two starts... in the rare event that someone *I am not going to say any names* forgets next time!

Having escaped from Andrew's car these rascally snowshoes spent the night in the carport last weekend and then returned to home base in the storage room.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Andrew is preparing the start for tomorrow's pancakes. Temperature has dropped to 35 outside. So far we have to report that we are alone here at the cabin. No other critters.... which is a good thing. Maybe El Tio P  left some dirty socks and scared them away. Maybe Juan or Al have been feasting on them. Whatever we are doing, I am glad to report that... its working! No tracks and no critters!

Juan, the critter feasting beast.

Brownies gone!

No more delicious Ghiradelli brownies remain. There is one other (inferior) mix up here, in case of emergency.

Hello Spring!

Like John Denver would say:
sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...

Outside in the front porch its 55 degrees. In the sunny back porch its 70 (in the sun 80). All this snow will be gone in no time!!


Spring has definitely come! Thermometer at the front says 55, and that's in the shade! In the sun, it's definitely warmer - we'd even say hot! Right now we're lounging on the couches and the doors next to the fireplace are open with a pleasant breeze blowing in. Snow is still feet deep - the very top of one of our stumps is showing out at the campfire, but nothing else. A couple of bare patches for the first time.

It froze last night, but not until well after we walked in, obviously. This morning I was able to wander around and mostly didn't break through the snow, although it was obviously spotty. There is a little bit of snow left piled on the decks, but small mounds.

We are marinating a tri tip in the fridge. Lots of cooking accomplished already today.

UPDATE! Becky put the thermometer in the sun and it just hit 80. There are heat waves coming off the roof and off the railings! Very, very pleasant here right now.

Snowshoes? We don't need no steenking snowshoes... or do we?

6PM, an apartment on Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco-
Andrew: Hey, where did we put the snowshoes after we unpacked last time?
Becky: I thought we left them at your parents?
Andrew: Really? I'm pretty sure my mom gave us each a pair... I wonder what I did with them... well, no matter I doubt we need them anyway. Off we go!

12AM, knee deep in snow with a 50lb pack, somewhere in the Sierras.
Andrew: *pant* *pant* *pant* my pants *pant* are *pant* soaking...
Becky: I'm divorcing you.
Andrew: But *pant* we're *pant* not *pant* married *pant* *pant*... *GASP*
Becky: I'm still divorcing you.

But obviously we made it! And Becky claims it was "part of the adventure." Guess that's one of many reasons I love her so much.

All: So glad to be here!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


It started to snow just a bit today at about 2pm. It snowed until about 3 PM and is now clear, although threatening. Winter storm warning goes into effect in about two hours at 5PM so apparently we're scooting out of town just before the good stuff gets here. Unfortunately work beckons, or else we'd stay and provide the weather updates.

Not much came down this afternoon, and it was very light. No accumulation on the decks or railings - maybe a 1/4 inch?

I made Pancakes today, but as always fouled up saving the start. I had a little less than a half of a teaspon of sugar in there when i said @#*$@# and quickly set some aside. So bring some if you can. Use the jar start before the plastic box start. Also, the last flour in the house is in the flour cylinder and it's only 3/4 full. A morning or two of pancakes will put a dent into that pretty quick.

We only have one package of delicious Ghiradelli brownies left, so whichever of us goes to costco next, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it. Becky and I also are leaving a a bottle of delicious Pinot Noir, so we can all rush up here to drink it.

Still no sign of mice!

Becky & the Weather

"Winter Storm Warning remains in effect. Snow accumulations: a storm total of up to 24 inches of new snow will be possible. Winds: southwest winds up to 45 mph." What's the deal with Becky and bad weather at the cabin? Is it linked to the same cosmic event of Ann and no water? You just have to wonder...

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ive heard of gazelles in Africa, but in the sierras?

Snow, where did you go?

Hard to believe that all that snow is gone!

It is a little chilly outside but much warmer than the 20 degrees reported by Uncle Lou two months ago. I guess spring is just around the corner. It was very interesting to see the the usual golden hills from the valley looking green!

New Technology

This is a time capsule of sorts - let the record reflect I'm writing this on a Motorola Droid Phone and its the coolest piece of technology ever! Anyway, just took the dogs out for a walk and was able to go everrywhere on a crust of ice - no sinking with just boots on. The forecast calls for sun today, so I guess the question is how warm it'll get today.

And all through the house, no one was stirring, not even a mouse (hopefully, and thank god).


Warm welcome

We are very glad to be here. A little tired. Ok, VERY tired. No signs of house guests. The cabin is warm and we have water and electricity. Not as much snow as the past few times. Andrew was able to slide the barn doors without having to shovel any snow. We are going to bed now. Just learned that the smart man of the cabin turned the electric blanket on 5 minutes ago. Adios!