Sunday, August 17, 2014

After Friday

We came back from the creek and the outside was spotless - ready for guests on Saturday.  The bats are on the front below, sheeting above, paper on the west bedroom and all the bats off under the porch.  Good progress

Friday, August 15, 2014

After Thursday

Work started on the front. They are apparently doing one side at a time and say the front will be finished by Friday evening in time for a big weekend with lots of company.  The original plan had to been to work Saturday but they won't.

After the first day they have all the bats and trim off the front and siding on below. They also sprayed a bunch of wasp nests that were under the eaves up above. Hard to see from the ground but there was one bigger than a softball and several smaller ones. Fortunately, most were empty.


It is heavy material and can break so unlike wood, they could not slide it off the truck, but had to hand carry it.
Interestingly, two of the workers helped build the cabin originally.  Their father, Rick Rice, was the subcontractor for Ron Mattison who supplied all the carpenters.

Work has started on new siding

On Wednesday, Aug 13, the contractors and new siding arrived.  A crew of 3 is pounding away on the front of the cabin.  They are taking off the old "bats" and putting water proof paper and new concrete-based, woodpecker proof, sheets that look like plywood over the old plywood and then putting concrete stuff bats on top. So it should look the same without the holes and warping bats on the south side.

But first we had to empty the front porch, which Lou and Ann did to get our exercise Wednesday morning.

The wood is waiting to the side to be put back after all the work is completed.