Monday, February 7, 2011

Water and snow and heat

Yes, we have water! The amazing sisters fixed it last month and it still is working. The pumphouse was quite cozy. The light had burned out so we put in a new one and turned down the heater. It also hasn't been as cold and the snow is melting. There are a few bare patches but still plenty. The official photographer has photos she will post.

Note on the heater: The control on the heater indicated the battery was low. It doesn't seem to work without batteries (2 AA). We replaced them and it is fine. But we should add to our annual checklist for the fall to replace the batteries so they don't run out in the winter. This is the second winter they have run out.

The frozen soup is now gone, as is one of the beers (whose supply is gettin perilously low). But we did leave oatmeal and toothpaste. Someone should take in AA batteries, there arent many around.