Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things we are leaving up here

1 .25lb package turkey breast
1 onion, yellow
3 oranges
2 limes
Baby carrots
Fresh mozzarella
Our hearts. :(

Becky reports we are low on Diet Coke. Milk is good until July 4 (Sunday) so we'll probably need a little more.

Scorpion leashes?

Andrew was wondering if there is a place that sale scorpion leashes. I said: its not the scorpion Andrew, its the number of pets.

 We are on our way to the meadow to release her. Al Pacino thinks that the meadow its a much better habitat for her than the living room couches.


A scorpion!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Working hard is a man's job

Using Al Pacino as an example, I wanted to counter prove the "working hard is a man's job" theory taught by Katie and Tucker last weekend:

I tried to give him a ride all the way up to the cabin, but he refused!

I resigned. I guess that Tucker and Katie were right: Working hard is a man's job!

Chopping wood feels good

Eager to chop some wood, Andrew got up early at 11 am, skipped the shower, and put on his vacation sunglasses on. I found him in the woods with his entire entourage (Juan and Alphonso).

As he chopped, I hauled the pieces back to the house pile in order to replenish the low pile at the front. In one of the trips, I returned to find this criollo god working too much:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Of bears and caps

At some point on the last drive from the cabin the check engine light turn on. Thinking that the issue might put a ding on our plans of returning to the cabin this weekend to chop wood, we took the Jeep to get serviced. Turns out that the light was on because there was an evaporator leak caused by a missing cap. A fuel cap! But how could it be if we had a cap when we were at the cabin! And as far as I remember, there was a cap the last time I filled the tank. The only logical explanation is that there must be a fuel-cap stealing bear at the mountains. Beware.

Watch out bears, coyotes, and any other creature that is planning  in getting on our way for a sweet weekend up in the sierras. We are bringing with us some ferocious canines to ensure we make it up there tonight!

Ferocious Canine searching for fuel-cap stealing bear

Monday, June 21, 2010

Woodpecker Family by the Fire

Last evening as we were eating dinner I saw a woodpecker perch on top of the big round by the firepit where we put the table. Then I saw another woodpecker fly out of a big hole in it and the first woodpecker fly into it. At lunch I saw the same changing of the guard. And there are definitely little ones inside because I tiptoed out there this morning and could hear tiny little "peeps" from what sounded like very young birds.

You can't see a lot from the photo, it is only of the hole so you know where I'm talking about. Even up close you can't see anything. They are down inside out of sight.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

La Visita del Tio Poderoso

Con la sagrada gracia de Dios, hemos regresado a nuestro lugar privado y personal, Dinkey Creek. Cuando llegamos fuimos saludados por nuestro sobrino y su amable novia, Becky, y tambien sus muy agradables amigos de La Bahia y puntos del Este. Fuimos recibidos con gran presencia y nos da orgullo que los jovenes no han perdido la gracia de respetar a los ancianos. Esperamos participar en nuestros saludables ocupaciones. Para quitar los posonyos de nuestros cuerpors, tomaremos los aires tan saludables. Tambien nos vamos a purgar y particpar en nuestros ejercisios de lavativas regulares. Esperamos regresar a San Luis Obispo con nuestros cuerpos limpiados completamente y llenos de nueva juventud.

El Tio Poderoso

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hard Work

When we arrived at 1am last night there were two major impediments to driving our flotilla all the way up to the cabin. Number #1- a downed tree across the road. Number #2- SNOW. This morning we took care of both problems and became the first vehicles to reach the cabin of 2010! The tree was handled by our resident experts- Katie and Tucker with rookie phenom Becky showing some major skill with a chainsaw. We are proud of our hard work and as a reward we allowed Tucker to swim in Dinkey Creek.

Moon howling

We arrived around 1 am. Tucker, Katie, Andrew, Becky, Adam and Emily - and Juan, Al Pacino, and Hallie.

Full house!

Last night the car registered 40 - this morning its cool in the shade but warm in the sun. We just ate omelettes (thanks tucker!) and pancakes and now it's time to go see if we can open the road and get the fallen tree out of the way.

The dogs say: The mountains are super fun!
The humans say: We can't wait to play with some tools and then eat meat!

Also, we discovered that if we howl at the moon, al pacino will join in, ful force. Fun!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lots and Lots of water in Dinkey Creek

These are the swimming hole in Lower Dinkey. See if you can even recognize the rocks we sit on.

Still snow on the road

I drove to the gate this morning but not up the road. This is why I didn't go much farther.