Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Shaver Pictures

Looking out from the old boat dock by 'Johnnys".
The old earthen dam and mill site.
Working on the new membrane covering for the dam.

Leavin Out

Late every fall the families who lived at the mill packed up all their belongings and moved down to The Valley for the winter months. We called it moving, many of our neighbors who came from the Ozarks called it Leavin' Out. Either way we packed up and left, and that's what Ann & Jane did last Monday. Jane's last carload of the season included 2 Christmas trees, a wedding dress and suit, 2 sets of snowshoes and the last of the recycling. Not the usual haul but a good reminder of a special July event.
There's another type of leavin' out happening over at Shaver. When this picture was taken there
was still about 20 ft. of water remaining at the foot of the dam. The new white membrane surface is visible on the top half of the dam and by the end of Feb 2012 it will cover the entire dam and the lake will start to be refilled. The old earthen dam is visible upstream from the remaining water and the old lumber mill site is just to the left of the old dam.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bottled water and FLOUR desperately needed

There is about enough flour for one round of pancakes and that is it.  The next people up need to take flour. If driving in, take at least 2 5-lb bags.  Likewise with bottled water. There isn't any and altho we are more optimistic about not losing water this year, it is best to be prepared with a few large jugs.

No need to take beer, wine or scotch. There is more than ample for the winter.

All Tucked In

Ann and Jane visited the cabin overnight on Sunday and got the last of the chores done for the winter. We also harvested a couple of Christmas trees each.  It was clear but quite cold. In the low 30s when we arrived and in the low 20s overnight.  There are some small patches of snow left under the trees and on the road but it was easy to drive over them.  And surprisingly, there was no evidence of the high winds that were reported for the sierra.