Monday, September 26, 2011

Draining the log cabin

To drain the log cabin:

Step 1. At the pump house, turn off the water to the log cabin. Do that by turning the middle lever to the horizontal position

The drains when there is water to the log cabin

The water to the log cabin shut off. Note that now the middle lever is horizontal

Step 2. Go back up to the log cabin and open all the faucets, they stay open The faucets include

- the faucet by the woodpiles,

- the faucet on the porch,

- the faucets in the sink and shower and most importantly,

- The two drains in the back

I drained the water heater too but father said I needn't do that

Step 3. Go back down to the pump house and open the drain. It is the leftmost lever and should turn from horizontal to vertical. A lot of water will run out the drain outside by the door. It will eventually stop. After flooding the area. That is all the water in the line.

The drain from the log cabin is now open. Note that the bottom left lever is now horizontal

Water draining from the line to the log cabin

Step 4. Go back to the log cabin and flush the toilet and scoop out all the water in the toilet bowl and the back tank. The little paper cups and/or a sponge are good for the last part

Step 5. Pour antifreeze (stored under the sink) in The toilet bowl,The sink drain andThe shower drain

Leave all the faucets and the drain open until the water is turned on again in the spring

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rains, sun shines, rains, sun shines....

We arrived last night at midnight and throughout the drive along Hwy 5 we could see the coolest lightning far far away. When we arrived to the cabin it was 60 degrees (at the bottom of 4 lanes it was 80) and once we entered the cabin, it was a very nice and cozy 72 degrees.

We woke up this morning to bright blue skies, followed by rain packed clouds that moved quickly, then nice ble skies again, then rain again, then sun again.... you get the picture.

Very lucky and relaxing to be here this weekend!