Monday, November 10, 2014

Poaching Ponds and Photos

 Seize the moment and grab a tree when we can. This spot is just before turning into our road and we weren't the first to thin out that thicket of fir trees. Looks like 2 other trees were cut in the last year or so. We thought we might put up a notice directing activity over to the USFS side of the road. The frog pond has some water and snow is still in the meadow all the way upstream. I just love this dramatic old snag surrounded by oaks.

Black Oaks and Golden Leaves

Take this Colorado, we have fall color right outside the cabin window. During the summer the oaks recede into the background but in the fall the south west hillside shows it's stuff.
Unfortunately the other stuff, Raven stuff, persists. Cleaned up the deck and windows and put down more boards but the roost needs to be blocked off.