Saturday, May 24, 2014

All Of Our New Friends and Neighbors

About those decorations on the south side of the cabin covering big holes, this is the culprit our camera caught in action this morning. A Williamson's Sapsucker? A Northern Flicker?  The rat a tat tat starts at dawn, and this time of year dawn comes early.
About Fred and George, movement high up on a south side rafter caught our eye Friday morning - one, two, no - five little chipmunks peering over the edge of the support beam for the roof. Over the course of the day they ventured out - retreated - ventured out again and eventually climbed or climbed and fell down to the deck and scampered to their favorite retreat, behind the sliding door shutters. Following close scrutiny and intense research the consensus is that they are Lodgepole Chipmunks. They're sharing the deck with the red squirrel, grey squirrel, and birds nesting in both the east and west side rafters, and of course the woodpecker and bats or ravens. That guano has been cleaned up - again.